Advantages Of Investing In PC Gaming Gear Over Consoles

If you’re into video games and want to set up your own system to play video games on, it’s likely that you would be conflicted as to whether you should buy a console or get PC gaming gear. Console may look like a more convenient choice since it’s so easy to set up. You get the console and your games and then it’s just plug and play. Easy enough, right? But that is just about it. The biggest upside that consoles have over PC gaming gear is that it’s just so easy to set up and that’s perhaps the only one too.

Getting PC gaming gear and building a PC might seem like a hectic job since you have to set it up, configure the game to run optimally, troubleshooting and maintaining it time after time. That is one of the major reasons as to why people just opt for consoles in the first place, since they are so convenient. But once you get accustomed to PC, it provides an array of advantages over consoles. So before you make up your mind, go through these advantages of investing in PC gaming gear I’ve listed for you to go through.

Performance and Quality

One of the major advantages that PC gaming provides is its graphic quality and performance. That is, of course, if you invest in medium to high end PC gaming gear. They provide higher resolution with much better shading and graphical effects than console does. Visit for best pc gaming chair

The PC generally plays at more than twice the frame rate than console does, be in PS4 or Xbox. Its resolution and fidelity is far better and there is absolutely no comparison between the both.


Now, this is a tricky one. Consoles appear to be cheaper as they do not cost as much up front as good gaming mouse pad does. A console only cost around 400-500 dollars and a PC will cost around a thousand dollars or more, depending on high you are willing to go.

There are a couple of things that you should consider. First of all, if you were to build a PC with the same capabilities as that of a console, it might only cost you around 400-500$. The decent PC gaming gear will provide you with same power and graphics as that of a console and will cost as much too. Usually consoles provide a frame rate of 40-60 fps and that is what such a PC will provide you. But if you invest in good PC gaming gear, it will provide you with much better capabilities and run longer. Also, you can use your PC for a lot more things that just video games. So there is that plus side too.

Generally video games for consoles cost a lot. Whereas you can get the same games for PC for much cheaper rates and even for free. For example, Fortnite cost 60$ on PS4 and is absolutely free for PC.


PC gaming gear will let you play games with much more flexibility. If you want to play games on a curved TV at 4k resolution, maybe you want to use small display, maybe you want to play with friend on a LAN connection or maybe you want to use VR device, PC gaming will let you do all that – and more – without any hassle.